Spring letter of intent due March 23, 2018     |     How to apply


Radnor Alumni Council – Edternship Program

Wanted: Businesses looking to give students real world experience. The Radnor Alumni Council is seeking business partners to provide Radnor students the opportunity to explore potential careers.

Invest in the future of a Radnor student. Can you and your business offer a student an internship or shadowing experience? “Edterns” are highly motivated and seek opportunities to gain experience, develop skills, make connections, strengthen their resumes, learn about a field, and assess their interest and abilities.

Consider hosting an edtern for a spring or summer 6-week session. Highly motivated Radnor students are seeking the opportunities you and your business can offer.

For more information, please contact Chris Massaro, Chair, Radnor Alumni Council at 610.975.5855 or cmassaro@comcast.net

An Update from RAC Edternship participant Lauren Furey, RHS Class of 2015

Down in Charleston, I’ve been involved with the hospitality industry a lot.. every day, there is something new! I’ve been working with Chef Bob Waggoner, the previous chef of the Charleston Grill. He has a place downtown where he teaches people how to cook their own dinners, and the setting is a gorgeous open room with a bunch of tables and kitchen stations. I met him through the hospitality club- he spoke to us and I went up to him afterwards and told him I am trying to learn a lot, and he called me the next day to help with a party! I am also going to intern at the Charleston Place Hotel with chef Michelle Weaver to learn the cooking/business aspects of the restaurants, Today Chef Bob had a cooking demo at a food festival so I helped him out there and met a few other people in the industry.

I would not be where I am today without your help with 333 Belrose. [My Edternship with] 333 Belrose was the most meaningful experience I have had so far. It is really special how you did something that really launched me into something that I am passionate about . . . I hope I can help someone as much as you helped me one day. . . . I wish I was there to encourage kids to apply for these internships.