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10Oct 2017

REF is approached for a wide array of grants each season. This year we were very happy to take part in the grant which helped to provide school supplies for those children at Wayne Elementary Schools who could not afford the basics.   With each grant we request that those who have requested the funds provide us with a summary of how the grant was received and utilized. Here is an overview of the WES school supply grant.

Title of Project: School Supplies for WES Students
Grant Amount: Not to exceed $2000
Grant Cycle: Winter
Project Date(s): 1 st day of school 2017

Grant Recipient Name: Denick Herrin & Tracy Tracy
School: Wayne Elementary
1. Brief project recap/description.
Over the last few years, WES has struggled to meet the needs of many children who
come to school with little or no school supplies due to socio-economic factors. The
WES PTO began a school supplies fundraiser with all profit going towards boxes
for needy students. However, there was a large gap between what the PTO was
able to cover and the number of children in need. Therefore, we asked REF to
partner with the PTO so all children could start the year with the school supplies
they need for a successful year. This year, with the support of REF, school supplies
were distributed to over 35 children and there were a few addtional boxes of
supplies available for the guidance counselor, Tracy Tracy, to draw from during the
year when the need arises.

2. Project Impact:
a. Explain how the grant enhanced student learning and/or improved teaching
practices. Basic school supplies are important for any student to have a
successful school year.
b. Did the project meet your anticipated goals? Please describe in detail. Yes,
everyone involved is pleased and thankful that the school supplies were available
for identified students at the beginning of the year.

c.Did the project deliver any unanticipated results? Teachers were vocal with
their relief that all students in their classroom were covered. It is an obvious
stressor on the first day of school for the children without supplies, but it may not
have been as known that the teachers were carrying the stress as well.
d. In retrospect, what would you have done differently to improve the project?
There is discussion about changing the vendor and also allowing parents to pick
up boxes prior to the first day of school.

3. Sustainability and/or replicability:
a. What are your specific plans for continuing the work started by this project.
The PTO will continue to work with Tracy Tracy in guidance to find ways to
provide school supplies for all students in need. It is our hope that REF will
continue to partner with the PTO in this endeavor.
b. Provide a recommendation for the grant to be replicated in other classrooms
or schools.
This can easily be replicated/implemented in the other elementary schools if they
chose to participate in the fundraiser for their families or tie in to the WES
fundraiser. Once needs are identified at IES and RES, boxes for these students
could be purchased at the same time as the WES boxes.

4. Budget:
a. List the project budget with actual expenditures.
Staples receipts: $1595.08
PTO profit from fundraiser: $478
Total from REF: $1117.08
Note: A number of boxes (at least five) were donated through the fundraiser
which reduced purchase costs as well.