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Radnor Alumni Council

Come out for the all class reunion gathering on Saturday, November 7th. Get tickets now!

Radnor Pride Lives In Our Alumni

The history of Radnor High School is long and filled with great memories and traditions. Radnor alumni share these memories, whether they happened 50 years ago or five.

The Radnor Alumni Council is a collaboration of groups and individuals who have a vested interest in preserving Radnor past and impacting Radnor future. Currently, the Council is engaged in two programs designed to connect current students to alumni and create opportunities for alumni to connect with each other.

Student Internship Program

The Council facilitates a fast-growing student internship program enabling Radnor High School juniors and seniors to get on-the-job, real-world experiences in a chosen field. Supported by a grant from the Radnor Educational Foundation, the student internship program is growing in both the number of students it serves and the number of businesses involved in providing internship opportunities.
Learn more about Edternships in Radnor
All Class Reunion

Coinciding with Radnor home field advantage for the storied Lower Merion game is the Radnor Alumni Council All-Class Reunion. Open to alumni from all years, the reunion is an opportunity for alumni to attend the Radnor-Lower Merion game and then meet afterward for an alumni celebration. If you have information that would be of interest to Radnor alumni please forward the information to the Council at info@radnoreducationalfoundation.org

The Radnor Alumni Council is an independent, non-profit, community organization whose purpose is to unite graduates of Radnor High School. We welcome all who have graduated from RHS and invite non-graduates residents of the Radnor community to support the organization. We acknowledge the importance of character, culture and community in celebrating the diversity of Radnor.