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What We Do

Fall 2017 Approved Grants

Grant 17-18-1–RHS EdVenturist Program – RHS

Grant Amount: $3,850

The EdVenturist program is 10-week venture incubator program for high school students designed to help participating students develop their product and/or business ideas, prove concept, participate in the World Series of Entrepreneurship and pitch their venture for investment dollars and possible launch.

Grant 17-18-2–SpeakUP! – RMS

Grant Amount: $3,500

SpeakUP! is a local program that focuses on adolescent issues and increasing open and honest communication between parents and children/students. The SpeakUP! team trains over 60 RMS students on leadership, communications and helping to organize the program.

Grant 17-18-3–Elementary STEM Night – RTSD

Grant Amount: $5000

This is the fourth annual RTSD Elementary STEM Night. This highly successful program is an evening of STEM activities presented by businesses and teachers who collaborate with RTSD to encourage and excite students about the science and technology fields.

Grant 17-18-4–Responsive Classroom –IES

Grant Amount: $3,000

The Responsive Classroom approach outlines that students need social and emotional competencies such as cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility and empathy coordinating with academic competencies to excel.

Grant 17-18-5– International Week –RES

Grant Amount: $1,000

International Week at RES features Italy! The goal of International Week is to bring awareness and celebrate diversity in us all!

Grant 17-18-6–After School Program – WES

Grant Amount: $6,700

Research shows that students who are furthest behind in school tend to benefit most from after-school tutoring and homework help. The goal of this grant is to provide an after-school program for under-served elementary school students.

Grant 17-18-7–Radnor Robotics – RHS

Grant Amount: $3,311.24

RHS’s Radnor Robotics team will build competitive robots to compete in regional VEX Robotics Tournaments.

Grant 17-18-8–Rhythm & Rhyme Musical Residency – IES

Grant Amount: $4,320

Poetry Meets Percussion create an energetic and engaging exploration of rhythm and poetry during this two week long residency at Ithan Elementary.

Grant 17-18-9– Theater Technology Update – RHS

Grant Amount: Up to $30,000

This grant provides updates to the RHS auditorium that will benefit all students at the high school through improved lighting fixtures to be used for a number of high school activities (spring musical, LM pep rally, post prom and concerts).

Grant 17-18-10– Gateways Whitebox Learning Software – RMS

Grant Amount: $3,597.20

Whitebox Learning allows students to research a topic, virtually build a product (such as a glider, dragster, etc.), test the design’s efficiency and then print out the layout and create a 3D replica.

Grant 17-18-11–Active Learning Center – RHS

Grant Amount: Up to $30,000

The Active Learning Center is an attempt to design a classroom that will actively encourage collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking while keeping students as the focal point in the learning process.

Spring 2017 Approved Grants


Grant Amount: $950.00

Grant approved off cycle in order to ensure funds were available for registration deadline for 2016-2017


Grant Amount: $20,590.00

Foundations of Conflict Resolution

Grant Amount: $3,000.00

Radnor Committee for Special Education

Grant Amount: $1,700.00

$1,000 with an additional $700 pending PTO support


Grant Amount: $3,500.00

Girls Leadership Program

Grant Amount: $4,000.00

Greening Up RMS Campus

Grant Amount: $3,000.00

Summer Reading Camp

Grant Amount: $4,500.00

Grant is an “up to” award

Center for Excellence

Grant Amount: $2,500.00

Grant to support ongoing expenditures for Edternships offered through the Center

Speak Up! at RMS

Grant Amount: $3,500.00

Grant to support Speak Up! at Radnor Middle School

Winter 2017 Approved Grants

Grant – RHS Courtyard Renovations (Student Advised Grant) – RHS

Grant Amount: $5,000.00

This student advised grant involves renovating the courtyard at RHS to be a more useful, multi-purpose area. The renovation will be designed by RHS civil engineering and architecture students with additional work being done by student council members.

Grant – Becoming More Reflective with Swivl Technology – RES

Grant Amount: $1,132.40

Swivl technology will help teachers become more reflective about their own instructional practices with the goal of impacting student learning and growth by using Swivl technology to film lessons and meet with colleagues to watch the lesson and analyze the instructional strategies.

Grant – School Supplies for Students with Financial Need – WES

Grant Amount: $2,000.00

The WES PTO helps to provide students in need with school supplies for the school year.

Grant – Cozmo Robots – RMS

GrantAmount: $2,000.00

The Cozmo robots will be used to encourage the development of peer/adult relationships, conflict resolution strategies and problem solving skills.

Grant – Scientist in Residence at Camp Canadensis – IES, RES & WES

Grant Amount: $3,570.00

Purchase aquatic sampling equipment in support of the Scientist-in-Residence program at Camp Canadensis for RTSD fifth graders.