What We Do

Winter 2017 Approved Grants

Grant 16-17-10 – RHS Courtyard Renovations (Student Advised Grant) – RHS

Grant Amount: $5,000.00

This student advised grant involves renovating the courtyard at RHS to be a more useful, multi-purpose area. The renovation will be designed by RHS civil engineering and architecture students with additional work being done by student council members.

Grant 16-17-11 – Becoming More Reflective with Swivl Technology – RES

Grant Amount: $1,132.40

Swivl technology will help teachers become more reflective about their own instructional practices with the goal of impacting student learning and growth by using Swivl technology to film lessons and meet with colleagues to watch the lesson and analyze the instructional strategies.

Grant 16-17-12 – School Supplies for Students with Financial Need – WES

Grant Amount: $2,000.00

The WES PTO helps to provide students in need with school supplies for the school year.

Grant 16-17-13 – Cozmo Robots – RMS

GrantAmount: $2,000.00

The Cozmo robots will be used to encourage the development of peer/adult relationships, conflict resolution strategies and problem solving skills.

Grant 16-17-14 – Scientist in Residence at Camp Canadensis – IES, RES & WES

Grant Amount: $3,570.00

Purchase aquatic sampling equipment in support of the Scientist-in-Residence program at Camp Canadensis for RTSD fifth graders.

Fall 2016 Grants

WES Smart Table Professional Development

Grant Amount: $1,900.00

Teachers will receive professional development to better utilize Smart Table technology. WES was able to purchase the Smart Table with a REF grant in 2015-2016 school year and this will enable teachers to maximize the technology.

Elementary STEM Club (Coding for Kids)

Grant Amount: $6,225.00

The Elementary STEM Club is for students in grades 3-5 and runs at all three elementary schools afterschool. Designed to enhance core instruction in STEM, the club specifically supports generating an interest in coding.

STEAM in the Summer

Grant Amount: $7,500.00

STEAM summer camp for incoming 6th, 7th& 8th graders. Students use leading-edge technologies to sample such disciplines as: chemistry, biology, engineering, electricity, and aerospace. Students will be exposed to real-world applications through an outreach experience.

Elementary STEM Night

GrantAmount: $5,880.00

This is the third annual RTSD Elementary STEM Night. This highly successful program is an evening of STEM activities presented by businesses and teachers who collaborate with RTSD to encourage and excite students about the science and technology fields.

IES Free to Dance Assembly

Grant Amount: $797.50

IES PTO Multicultural Committee brings the Free to Dance program to all Ithan students as part of the multi-cultural week experience and its focus on Brazil. Students will learn about Brazil’s culture and history through music, dance, and marital arts.


Grant Amount: $1,900.00

OSMO is an interactive educational program for the iPad allowing students to draw on paper and see the image reflected on the iPad. It fosters spatial thinking, creative problem solving and fine motor skills.

IES Walnut Street Theater Residency

Grant Amount: $4,845.00

IES Cultural Arts brings Walnut Street Theater Teaching artists to the school for a week-long program which includes performing for all grades and an intensive teaching program for fourth grade which will culminate in a performance at the end of the week.

WES Special Education Classroom Library

Grant Amount: $1,500.00

A 3rd and 4th grade learning support classroom with a leveled reader classroom library will encourage students by providing appropriate materials for reading based on their reading level.

Spring 2016 Grants

Grant Summary: RTSD Brother’s and Sister’s Keeper Mentoring Program

Grant Amount: not to exceed $5,000.00

The RTSD Brother’s (And Sister’s) Keeper mentor program has been designed to give academic and social support for identified students at the middle and high schools. The program will be a comprehensive, innovative program to include an emphasis on implementing policies to address disparities, developing strong communities that commit to nurturing and mentoring our youth, and encouraging unique public-private collaborations and mentorships.

Grant Summary: SpeakUp! 2016-2017 at RHS

Grant Amount: $3,500.00

Speak Up! Is a local program that focuses on adolescent issues and increasing open and honest communication between parents and their children/students.The Speak Up! team trains students in grades 9 thru 12 on leadership, communication and helping to organize the program.

Grant Summary: RMS Girl’s Leadership Program

Grant Amount: $3,000.00

The Girl’s Leadership Program focuses on enhancing the interests, abilities and character of middle school girls, resulting in enhanced self-esteem. The program also addresses the powerful influence of peer pressure, bullying, appearance and the media on body image and appropriate use of social media. Positive decision making skills around issues of drug/alcohol use, cigarette smoking and appropriate peer relationships are also stressed.

Grant Summary: RTSD Summer Reading Program Incentives

Grant Amount: not to exceed $4,500.00

This summer, students scoring at least two levels below grade level are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Camp. This year, we anticipate 150 students. These students represent some of RTSD’s most vulnerable students.

Grant Summary: WES 1st Grade OSMOs

Grant Amount: $3,998.00

OSMO is an interactive educational game for the iPad. The iPad sits in a cradle and there is an adaptor for the camera which allows students to interact with the iPad without touching it. Osmo fosters learning in key areas such as: social-emotional skills, creative thinking, art, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and common core. Osmo is a collaborative and creative system.

Grant Summary: WES Lego Robotics

Grant Amount: $1,500.00

The LEGO Robotics Club will be open to WES 3rd and 4th graders, 12 per club session.

Grant Summary: WES SmartTable

Grant Amount: $5,500.00

This project involves the purchase of a SmartTable for Special Education classes where small groups of students are pulled from their regular classrooms for intensive instruction. The SmartTable has 40 touchpoints, enabling up to eight students to interact at one time. A SmartTable allows students with walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility issues access to the technology.

Grant Summary: Sea Perch Competition

Grant Amount: $565.00

Registration for eighth grade Gateways teamto participate in the National SeaPerch Competition in Baton Rouge, LA.

Winter 2016 Grants

Grant Summary: Student Ambassadors: Outward Bound High Ropes – RHS

Grant Amount: $1,350.00

Thirty to forty Radnor High School Students will participate in a one day field trip to experience a ropes course designed to develop teamwork and leadership skills. This grant is being proposed by Radnor High School students, with the advice of Mr. Stango, and is funded by the proceeds from the annual Wizards Basketball Game.

Grant Summary: Ryan’s Story Presentation – RMS

Grant Amount: $2,600.00

Mr. John Halligan addressed all 6th -8th grade students on how to deal with issues regarding bullying, cyber bullying, and teen depression. Mr. Halligan also spoke at a separate program with parents and community members to raise awareness and offer recommendations.

Grant Summary: Crusin’ Smart – Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital – RHS

Grant Amount: $450.00

Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital will present their award winning outreach program to RHS students to reduce impaired and distracted driving among teenagers and young adults. This program uses true-life tragedies to educate youth and to change attitudes.

Grant Summary: One Book, One Radnor – RHS

Grant Amount: not to exceed $2,458.70

The entire Radnor High School community will be encouraged to read the bookEndangered by Eliot Schrefer over the summer. This project strives to encourage reading for enjoyment and foster community and discussion. A visit by the author, funded by the Radnor High School PTSA, is also scheduled for October 2016.

Grant Summary: Freshman Fundamentals – RHS

Grant Amount: not to exceed $5,300.00

All rising 9th graders will be invited to participate in freshman orientation in August. This program will help to educate freshman about effective study skills, managing stress, and maintaining a healthy balance thereby reducing referrals to the guidance department at the start of school.

Grant Summary: Elementary School STEM Night

Grant Amount: $4,880.00

All elementary students K – 5th grade will be invited to attend a STEM night on April 21, 2016 featuring hands-on STEM related activities led by volunteers from STEM-related organizations.