Spring letter of intent due March 23, 2018     |     How to apply

Application Process

REF awards grants for projects that enrich the educational experience and foster innovative opportunities for students of RTSD and the community. Projects may be proposed by teachers, community members, a school staff member, or parent in collaboration with a Radnor teacher or principal. The Foundation grants awards which can be combined with funds from other sources. Our aim is to supplement, but not replace, the regular School District funding. We look for the following in making grant selections:

  • Will the project be an educational innovation and coordinate with the school curriculum?
  • Is this a pilot project that can be replicated post the grant period?
  • What is the long-term impact of the project? How many students will benefit?

To start the process, we request that you submit a brief “Letter of Intent”. Once we receive this, we will let you know within a week if you should submit a more detailed Grant Application. Once we receive an application, we will assign a grant facilitator who will discuss your application with you, raise any issues or questions that might need to be addressed and will then present your project and any additional information to the Grants Committee for consideration.  We want to make sure we understand your project so it can be adequately represented to the Committee. You are welcome to present to the grants committee along with the facilitator.  Please note that the application must be signed by the school principal(s) that will benefit from your project.